Color By Numbers Forest Animals Printable

Adorable forest animals make number recognition and early addition colorfully fun with this free 8 page printable. Download and print in seconds for some instant coloring fun for preschool, kindergarten and first grade students. Even my second grader is loving … read more

Language Arts

reading log & bookmarks promo

Free Reading Log & Sticker Bookmarks

  Would you like to encourage your child to read more books? Here’s a free reading log with sticker bookmarks to get your child excited about reaching their reading goals! This year we set a goal for my daughter to … read more


Leo The Lion L Sound

/L/ Sound Help With Leo The Lion Speech Therapy

  Does your little one struggle making their L sound? While it’s the cutest ever to hear your child say “Pwease just a wittle bit wonger….???”, at some point they’ll start developing those la la las and this fun song … read more


Spanish Numbers and Colors Game For Kids

Free Printable Spanish Numbers & Colors Game

  I’m always wondering about the very best way to teach little ones information that would naturally seem foreign to them. My kids learn a lot of Spanish just from watching fun cartoons, so do they really need another worksheet … read more

Homeschool Tips

preschool homeschool curriculum crafts and ideas

100 Easy Crafts & Classroom Ideas For Your Preschool Homeschool

This giant list of preschool homeschool ideas is the perfect go to on days when you’re feeling stuck. Get some fresh inspiration to tackle boredom, liven up your preschool curriculum, and set up your perfect homeschool classroom.     Young … read more


Gardening for kids

Gardening With Kids & Free Gardening Journal

Gardening With Kids There’s just nothing like the wonder and excitement that gardening with kids can bring. Burying secret treasure seeds in damp soil and marking their spots with special handmade signs are activities that bring value far beyond their educational … read more

Our PK1 Home

Thanksgiving activity placemat preschool thanksgiving printable

Thanksgiving Activity Placemat & Coloring Page

This 2 sided Thanksgiving Activity Placemat is filled with adorable, fun activities and pictures to color. Print and set them out for the little ones at your Thanksgiving table for some pre-food table fun!   Free Thanksgiving Activity Placemat & … read more

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