Free Christmas Pen Pal Printable

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Here's a fun printable writing prompt page for kiddos to keep in touch with pen pals, friends and family this Christmas.    Free Christmas Themed Pen Pal Printable I hope you enjoy this fun printable to inspire writing and keeping in touch with others. Pre-writers can draw pictures for their answers and emerging [...]

Gardening With Kids & Free Gardening Journal

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Gardening With Kids There’s just nothing like the wonder and excitement that gardening with kids can bring. Burying secret treasure seeds in damp soil and marking their spots with special handmade signs are activities that bring value far beyond their educational benefits. In a time when babies are using smart phones and kids struggle [...]

/L/ Sound Help With Leo The Lion Speech Therapy

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  Does your little one struggle making their L sound? While it's the cutest ever to hear your child say "Pwease just a wittle bit wonger....???", at some point they'll start developing those la la las and this fun song can help! I've heard that struggling with the saying the letter L sound [...]

Free Printable Spanish Numbers & Colors Game

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  I'm always wondering about the very best way to teach little ones information that would naturally seem foreign to them. My kids learn a lot of Spanish just from watching fun cartoons, so do they really need another worksheet or formal Spanish lessons? For PK1 kids, I prefer to let them learn [...]

Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides

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Here's a new freebie for you - Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides & Schedule Cards! These bookmarks and scheduling cards are great for helping your child gain confidence and independence in completing their work for the day and for helping you organize your child's daily work. This post contains affiliate links. Click here to [...]