The Jolly Pumpkin

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Learn the story of the Jolly Pumpkin - a very special pumpkin who gets lost behind a tower of other pumpkins. When he is finally discovered, what will he have to say? Only your kid's creative mind can figure it out! When you're done watching, download the Jolly Pumpkin GIANT Activity Pack. It [...]

Learn About Food Preservation & Harvest By Making Raisins

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  The weather is quickly cooling, but there may still be some sunny days left to try out this fun – and edible – science experiment! I also love the idea of teaching about harvest so this is a great application to learn about enjoying the rewards of hard work. My girls and [...]

Short Vowel Lesson: Song & Practice w/Free Printables

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  This Short Vowel Lesson is perfect to help little ones begin reading. Learning the short vowel sounds is a key step in learning how to read, and this song makes it super fun! After watching this Short Vowel Lesson video a few times, students will have all their short vowel sounds memorized and be ready [...]

Beginning Spanish Vocabulary – Outside Words

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I hope you enjoy this beginning Spanish vocabulary lesson! Easily learn an entire vocabulary list for words you would use outside. This lesson will teach kids and adults alike with an instructional cartoon as they follow along with their worksheets. The free downloadable lesson pack includes Find-It worksheets, a mini coloring book, word search and [...]