We Choose Virtues Character Training For Little Ones – Review

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From the moment I caught a picture of the We Choose Virtues characters in a friend's Facebook post, I was hooked. There's just something about the captivating faces of the VirtueVille kids that make you want to dive into character training for your little ones. We Choose [...]

100 Easy Crafts & Classroom Ideas For Your Preschool Homeschool

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This giant list of preschool homeschool ideas is the perfect go to on days when you’re feeling stuck. Get some fresh inspiration to tackle boredom, liven up your preschool curriculum, and set up your perfect homeschool classroom.     Young learners are all about experiencing the world around them and learn in so many different [...]

How To Get $20 in FREE School Supplies EVERY Month!

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  I don't know about you, but $20 is still a lot of money to me. Especially as a homeschooling mom having to buy all our school supplies and materials ourselves. I'm always looking for ways to free up some money in our budget, so discovering this way to get $20 in free school supplies every [...]

Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides

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Here's a new freebie for you - Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides & Schedule Cards! These bookmarks and scheduling cards are great for helping your child gain confidence and independence in completing their work for the day and for helping you organize your child's daily work. This post contains affiliate links. Click here to [...]

DIY Light Table For Tracing Leaves, Art & More

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Have you ever used a light table for tracing? There are so many benefits to tracing for even your tiniest learners. Preschool: Trace shapes Fine motor skills Excitement of a glowing light behind the paper Discovering the outline of an object Builds confidence in drawing Kindergarten & First Grade: Trace letters, complex shapes Trace leaves, [...]

Back To School Shopping For Little Homeschoolers

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You've got the basics covered. Glue sticks, pencils, the jumbo pack of crayons. Fingerpaint, smocks, and giant construction paper.  But if you're homeschooling little ones this year, you might find some different types of items turn out to be staple school supplies. Now that I'm coming into my second year of homeschooling and [...]