7 Unique Writing Prompt Printables For Beginning Writers

Are you looking for some creative printables to inspire your beginning writer to capture their thoughts on paper? Well here are some of my most popular writing prompt downloads and a new journaling printable that just might bring some life into your daily writing routine! 7 Unique Writing Prompt Printables For Beginning [...]

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Free Spelling List And Spelling Test Printables

Are you feeling stumped on spelling? Do you want to teach your own words in your own way? You might like these spelling words and spelling test printables to teach spelling to your kids! Free Spelling List And Spelling Test Printables My second grader is a pretty good reader, and because of that [...]

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Free Printable Dear Diary Journaling Pages For Kids

Inspire some writing fun in your kids' day with these Dear Diary pages. Who knows what they'll write!?   Dear Diary Journaling Pages For Kids Kids don't always love to write and it's often a challenge to get more writing into their school day. Try out these journaling pages and you might find [...]

Free Christmas Pen Pal Printable

Here's a fun printable writing prompt page for kiddos to keep in touch with pen pals, friends and family this Christmas.    Free Christmas Themed Pen Pal Printable I hope you enjoy this fun printable to inspire writing and keeping in touch with others. Pre-writers can draw pictures for their answers and emerging [...]

Gardening With Kids & Free Gardening Journal

Gardening With Kids There’s just nothing like the wonder and excitement that gardening with kids can bring. Burying secret treasure seeds in damp soil and marking their spots with special handmade signs are activities that bring value far beyond their educational benefits. In a time when babies are using smart phones and kids struggle [...]