/L/ Sound Help With Leo The Lion Speech Therapy

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  Does your little one struggle making their L sound? While it's the cutest ever to hear your child say "Pwease just a wittle bit wonger....???", at some point they'll start developing those la la las and this fun song can help! I've heard that struggling with the saying the letter L sound [...]

Phonics Pirates Lesson Pack – The Pirates Are Coming Soon!

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You just won't want to miss this amazing Pirate Phonics Pack complete with cartoon lesson, printables and games that will make your child want to learn their letter sounds over and over. This video & lesson pack are currently in production. Subscribe to PK1HomeschoolFUN on YouTube to be notified when the video is published, and [...]

Short Vowel Lesson: Song & Practice w/Free Printables

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  This Short Vowel Lesson is perfect to help little ones begin reading. Learning the short vowel sounds is a key step in learning how to read, and this song makes it super fun! After watching this Short Vowel Lesson video¬†a few times, students will have all their short vowel sounds memorized and be ready [...]