Top 10 Dot Marker Activities – PK1 Printables Parade! 1/24/16

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This week I set out on a mission to find some unique Dot Marker printables! Dot Markers, Do-A-Dot, Bingo Daubers - they all seem like perfect fun for PK1 Kids, which is why I was surprised that my 4 year old wasn't too thrilled with the typical make-a-mark-in-all-these-circles printables that are all over Pinterest. I [...]

Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides

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Here's a new freebie for you - Daily Curriculum Bookmark Guides & Schedule Cards! These bookmarks and scheduling cards are great for helping your child gain confidence and independence in completing their work for the day and for helping you organize your child's daily work. This post contains affiliate links. Click here to [...]

Help With Short Vowel Sounds

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  Your kids will love the cute images and catchy song in this video that will teach them their short vowel sounds. ┬áComplete with free printables, this makes an easy fun lesson┬áthat will effectively teach beginning readers the vowel sounds they need to know to start reading. >>>Click here for the video and printable cards.<<< [...]

Beginning Spanish Vocabulary – Outside Words

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I hope you enjoy this beginning Spanish vocabulary lesson! Easily learn an entire vocabulary list for words you would use outside. This lesson will teach kids and adults alike with an instructional cartoon as they follow along with their worksheets. The free downloadable lesson pack includes Find-It worksheets, a mini coloring book, word search and [...]