Reward Stars For toddlers, kids


PK1 Kids love recognition!

I keep these in my wallet and hand them out when I catch one of my girls doing something great that I want to instantly “reward.”

Honestly, I don’t give out any rewards besides the satisfaction of earning a star, but you could easily make a reward goal or prize for your kiddos if that’s what you want to do for your family.

My girls have a lot of fun gluing their stars up on their board and they just love earning their Bible Stars too! I give them a Bible Star when they’ve memorized their current Bible verse and can recite it without looking for the whole family.



Our Recognition Stars Board. We like to write the person’s name and a reference to how they earned it.


I hope you enjoy these stars! I used a scalloped circle punch for mine, these are perfect for 2″ circle punches like these. (aff)



Here’s a preview of the download.


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