PK1 Printables Parade 01/16/16


This week I rounded up some printable math games for PK1 Kids 🙂

This was such a FUN printables round up! I’m totally convinced that we need to play more games as part of school.

I love seeing all the different types of games that people come up with. Get your printer ready, because you’re going to love this round up!


In the spirit of this week’s theme, I created a super fun Spanish numbers & colors game for little ones. Download this free printable game and introduce your child to colors, numbers, and more in Spanish while having a great time playing a game together. I hope you enjoy this free printable, it’s a free and easy download – just click the blue Add To Cart button below the picture.


Spanish Numbers and Colors Game For Kids


Now let’s get to this week’s Printables Parade!


(#1) This game from Math Geek Mama was super fun and very easy to customize to your child’s level. You can use it to practice working with very large numbers as it’s designed, or do what we did and start with a small number and add or subtract the number rolled.



(#4) For some reason my 1st grader just couldn’t get enough of these fun alligators. What I loved about this game was that we had never really worked with greater than / less than and she “absorbed” the concept without really being taught. I’d bet money that when we do formal greater than/less than work, she’ll “magically” already understand it. And cute alligators make everything fun, right?



(#7)  Oh my how we LOVED Number Bingo! Seriously, why are we not playing games every day?? My preschooler still gets mixed up on her number recognition, so this game was perfect for her and really helped her get excited about what the numbers look like. The adorable number characters make it very approachable and we all had a blast. We’ll be playing this game a lot this week I’m sure!



(#8) I’m feeling a bit sheepish that I never did a Roll & Cover game with my preschooler. This type of activity is so perfect for her! She’s at that stage where she knows her numbers but still gets mixed up this time. Add some Do-A-Dot markers and this becomes a really fun activity to practice number recognition and to gauge your child’s progress. And the themed printables make it extra fun.


We really loved all these games and I think you will too! Go snag some fun free printable math games to add some excitement to this week’s school work!

1 Adding And Subtracting Large Numbers from Math Geek Mama

2 Slides And Ladders – Adding Doubles from Kathy Law

3 Beach Time (End Of Year) from Games 4 Learning

4 “Less than, greater than” math activity – using toys! from The Measured Mom

5 Connect 4 (Subscriber Freebie) from Lucky To Be In First

6 Beach Bump from Sunny Days

7 Numbers Bingo Game from Preschool Mom

8 20 Free Roll & Cover Printables from The Measured Mom

9 Don’t Feed The Racoon from Stay At Home Educator

10 Coin Exchange Game from Kids Count 1234


Do you have a free printable you’d like me to include on an upcoming PK1 Printables Parade? Click here to submit it!


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