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Welcome to this week’s PK1 Printables Parade!

Each week I round up 10 free printables I found and tried at home that are perfect for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade students. I then present them to you here at the PK1 Printables Parade!

This week I chose some winter themed printables for both my first grader and preschooler to use during down time. My 4 year old always gets up at 6:30am, so having a stack of printed activities on hand for her to do quietly while the others sleep sure helps out!


My daughter needed some extra practice with telling time and she loved the Winter Time printable! (#6)


We had a ton of fun with the winter themed pattern block puzzles (#3)

We had a ton of fun with the winter themed pattern block puzzles (#3)

I decided to join in on the fun and create my own winter themed printable.

I see a lot of color by number coloring pages for younger kids, but my own kids always had a difficult time with them when they were just learning to color. Something about having to read the legend and then translate that to knowing what to color where was a bit much for them as younger preschoolers. The concept is great, however, because given a black and white coloring page, younger preschoolers often scribble and barely dabble (which is ok, too!) I wanted to try out something more constructive for tiny artists and introduce the concept of color matching.

So here is a coloring page with internal color outlines (inlines?). If you have a younger child who is just learning how to color and has struggled with color by number/shapes/color swatch, try this out and see how they respond. And boy I would sure love your feedback! (I’m testing them on my kids as I type this!)

A constructive coloring activity for little preschoolers.

A constructive coloring activity for little preschoolers.


Check out my favorite free printable finds for the week and print out some fun!

1 Winter Math and Literacy Printables from Kaitlynn Albani

2 Arctic Animals Matching Game (Free Thru 1/5) from Year Round Homeschooling

3 Christmas Pattern Blocks from PreKinders


5 Winter Activities for Kindergarten from The Printable Princess

6 Winter Time from Teaching with Technology and Fun

7 Creative Writing Prompts: Winter Snowman from


9 5 Little Snowmen: Printable Puppets and Song from From ABCs To Acts

10 Sight Word Snowflake Scavenger Hunt from Raising Little Superheroes



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