Use curiosity driven learning to introduce your youngest learners to the fun of report writing with this free printable research paper template perfect for first grade, second grade – and even kindergarten!


First grade writing prompts Use curiosity driven learning to introduce  your youngest learners to the fun of report writing with this free printable research paper template perfect for first grade - and even kindergarten!

FREE 1st Grade Research Paper Writing Template

Wait, research papers in kindergarten & first grade already?

You may not think of assigning your budding student a research paper before they can spell “research,” but learning to love the research process and report on their findings can be a wonderful goal for your child’s education.

The world is teeming with amazing things to discover. You can guide your young ones through the process of discovery and presentation while using their own curiosity to open up the world of exciting education.

Writing a paper does NOT have to be an overwhelming task.

This is one of my main goals in homeschooling my girls. As students climb to higher grades, writing papers becomes an essential part of their grading, application processes, and education overall. I dreaded papers growing up and want to teach my kids early on (yes, VERY early on) that writing research papers even as early as in first grade can be a fun way to present all their hard work in researching a topic that really came alive to them.

This free First Grade Research Paper Writing Template will help kids get excited about learning something new.

Your child can choose any topic they want to learn about for this writing template. This can be used with pre-writers and struggling writers because they can often choose drawing over writing. 

Various writing prompts guide them through the discovery process which include:

  • Draw a picture of what you want to learn about.
  • Write down your topic
  • Find a book about your topic at your local library
  • Draw a picture of the cover of the book you found
  • What letter does your topic start with? Draw as many of that letter as you can in the space below
  • Write or draw about 1 new thing you learned about
  • 3 questions I have about my topic are
  • 3 books I found about my topic
  • New questions you have during your reading
  • Draw or sketch something new you learned from one of your books
  • Write an idea for an activity you can do to learn more about your topic
  • 3 new words you learned during your reading and their meanings
  • Write about someone that you learn about when researching your topic
  • Glue a picture of this person here
  • Write basic facts about this person
  • Write about your experience doing your related activity
Free research paper template for kindergarten first grade and second grade. Great for both pre-writers and beginning writers.

7 Pages include a mix of writing a drawing to keep your child interested and proud in presenting what they’ve learned. Use any or all the pages – whichever work best for your child. (report cover not shown)

Mix & Match Different Level Prompts To Fit Your Child’s Ability

Kindergarteners can write reports too! Use this free research paper template to allow them to draw what they learn.

My kindergartener chose to learn about flowers. She drew the flowers from the cover of the book, practiced writing the letter F, and drew a picture of the parts of a flower.

1st grade writing prompts research paper template for first grade

My 6 year old chose to learn about gymnastics and completed a report about the subject, including presenting what she learned about a famous gymnast

This free report writing template includes both pages geared more towards kindergarten students and pages more suitable for 1st or 2nd grade students. You can choose the pages that work best for your child’s level and writing ability. This works well for children of different ages as well. Your younger ones can use the pre-writer’s pages while your older students can report on more books, a person they learned about, and an activity they did to learn more about their topic.

I hope you enjoy this research paper writing template for kindergarten, 1st grade and even 2nd grade students!

I create these resources myself free of charge as a gift to other homeschool families. If you like this printable, please share it on social media. It makes a HUGE difference when people share my printables, so THANK YOU!!

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