Help your child learn a new Bible verse each week with this Free Verse of the Week printable. A different activity each day helps kids learn & memorize verses quickly.


Looking for Bible Verse Printables? This free Bible verse of the week printable will help kids memorize Scriptures easily. Free from

FREE Bible Verse of the Week Printable

Are you looking for ways to help your kids memorize Scripture? This free printable Verse of the Week worksheet will guide them through studying one scripture a week. This is a very simple and stress free way to learn verses.

There are different activities to do each day that will help them explore the Bible verse and memorize it.

MONDAY – Kids write out the Bible verse in their best handwriting.

TUESDAY – Next, they draw something that reminds them of the Scripture

WEDNESDAY – On this day kids write about a new word or idea they learned when studying the verse.

THURSDAY – This is the day to work on memorizing the verse. Make up hand motions, a song, whatever works!

FRIDAY – Share the verse with a friend or family member, and discuss it with others.

I hope you enjoy this free Bible Verse of the Week printable!

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