Are you looking to inspire your pre- or beginning writers to learn about subjects that interest them? Here’s an easy way for your youngest students to create a small book style report that they can use to show what they’ve learned.


A simple, yet effective printable you'll want in your homeschool binder to help your youngest writers create their own report book on any subject.

FREE My First Report Printable For Beginning Writers

I love the idea of teaching my kids to go out and learn whatever interests them. I’m always trying to come up with ways to inspire my kids to research and report. This is my attempt at planting that idea early – with a printable My First Report page.

My little ones always love making little books, which is why I formatted this one as a book. My Kindergartener loves her “Ladybugs” book she made with this! Pre-writers can focus on mostly drawing pictures. Beginning writers can draw pictures and practice writing one word answers.

It’s also fun to use this type of activity when your younger kids need something to do while you’re leading a more advanced lesson with older students. So if you’re studying plant life with your 2nd grader, you can lead your younger kids to learn about a favorite flower, plant, etc.

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