Free Printable Blank Timeline Templates For History

Make your own timelines for history with these free printable blank timeline templates.


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FREE Printable Blank Timeline Templates For History

Timeline Templates For History

Timelines are a great way for kids to understand the order of events. I first created these templates to introduce my kids to the concepts of a timeline. I had them think of a few important events in their lives and write them down along with the dates each event happened. Then I had them add those events to one of these blank timelines and label them with the date above and the description below. Finally, they drew a picture to represent each event on their timelines.

Free Printable Timeline Worksheets For Kids

These blank timelines make great timeline worksheets or project templates for any timeline project your kids have. Use them however you want for a DIY history lesson. You can cut these down the middle and tape them end to end to make as long a timeline as you could possibly want. I also included a page of just one entry so you can create an example to show your kids. Use these also as a spotlight of your child’s favorite person or event on their timeline to go into more detail.

Blank Timelines For History Curriculum

Most history curriculum has some sort of timeline project. If yours is too complicated or you just want something more straight forward, try out these timeline templates for a simple go-to. They’re free! 🙂

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